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You can bring everywhere your personel hookah N4 Midi

N4 Midi is bigger than N2 travel and smaller than N4.

 N4 Midi has travel bag and led light together!

  • It has a bag. Bag is resistant to water, can not keep simple stain, clearable, protective for glass.
  • First class quality, handmade glass.
  • All the parts are stainless steel without mouth piece. Mouth piece is anodized black aluminium.
  • It has a diffuser.
  • Hoses are made of safe food-grade silicone easy to clean. The length of the hose is 1,5 m.
  • It has a valve. You can take out the smoke easily.
  • It can be used with two hoses.
Height = 22 cm
Witdh = 16 cm
Weight = 2,5 kg
Box dimensions = 20x20x28 cm